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About us_HuzaifaPC.net

Admin & Founder HuzaifaPC Who is a fan of networking and technology. This site is like one of his development projects & he really likes to work here. This is what we have to say


~Our Team HuzaifaPC.Net~

We are a developer team. We All Have passions. We also want to give you such software you want and just as you request. But unlike you, we all have a real life. There are thousands of request & completing them just as you request is not easy for us. So You’ll have to wait & our administrators will get back to you soon. And now lets list out some of the things which make our site better than others?

  • Faster Updates.
  • Providing full support.
  • Never miss a update. Outdated softwares found ? Please Report
  • Giving a Better User Interface.
  • No Annoying Ads. (Not Totally adfree still you get the point right?)

Thank You For Being With Us 🙂